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Dell PowerEdge R350 Rack Server with Windows Server 2022

Dell PowerEdge R350 Rack Server with Windows Server 2022

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Model: Dell R350
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon-Gold 6132 (2.6GHz/14-Core/140W
Memory: 8x 32GB DDR4-2660Mhz (256GB)
Storage: 10x 480GB SSD (4.8TB)
Boot Optimized: 2x BOSS 240GB M.2

Connectivity: 2x 10Gb + 2x 1Gb RJ45 Dell X520 DP 10Gb DA/SFP+ + I350 DP 1Gb Ethernet Network
OS: Windows Server 2022 Enterprise

This server is sent to you completely configured, security hardened, with your requested network information, file share paths configured and the initial user list and user rights you provide already placed in Active-Directory. Please call 713-731-5108 before making this order or you may be sent an un-configured server with USB install media .ย 

Load-Out and Configuration:ย 
  • Custom Hosts File (Known Bad Actor Addresses Blocked)ย 
  • Active Directory Users and Shares Setup
  • All Current Security Patches Installed
  • Custom Security Group Policy
  • Firewall Properly Configuredย 
  • Antivirus Installed and Configured (Full Year Service Included)
  • Personal CuriesLaw Email Account for Support, Licenses, & Service Agreements
  • Preconfigured with your user and email accounts (Not Required.)
  • Glasswire Network Monitor Pre-Installed (Full Year License)

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